Lotaspots is a company that will always be a work in progress as is my blog. For years I have worked as artist/designer for other companies in the handpainted childrens accessory market. I have always dreamt of starting my own company.  I was laying down the tracks to do so and then my life was interrupted. My then 20 year old son was in a diving accident and is now paralyzed. I devoted my life to helping him through an extremely tough time! We have settled into our lives as we know it now.

I started my company about 2 years ago and since then I have been picked up by stores all across the country and even Dubai. It has been and still continues to be an amazing journey.  Etsy is responsible for a huge part of my success!  I sell my items through candice n katies art on Etsy which are my two daughters.  I create round hanging wall letters, hair bow holders, wall frames and even round business/calling cards.

Please check back often. I will keep updating my blog with new designs to match popular bedding.

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