Leap of Faith

So often I hear or read.. believe and it will happen..work hard and you will succeed….   I feel as if I am about to have this happen to me! Don’t want to jinx myself but approx. 10 years ago, 1 year after my sons accident which has confined him to a wheelchair, I worked for someone and helped her at  the atlanta gift market. I said to  myself at that point that someday I was going to develop my own product and show in atlanta and my daughters were going to be by my side. Well on January 14,2011 I will be there with my daughters!! I had to believe, I had to keep pushing forward, I had to work really hard every day and night to make this happen. I always felt that if I wasn’t working someone else was  and they would get ahead of me. I now truly believe in my heart and soul that if you believe it will happen even if it takes 10 years!!!!!

Wish me luck!!  I will keep you posted,  Deborah

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